The Ceremony

There are special honors bestowed for the ceremony.
This is the highest honor given to a participant at the bris.  The main role for the Sandak is to hold and comfort the baby during the ceremony.  Traditionally, this role is fulfilled by a grandfather, but can be any other family member or friend.  Typically, this person is Jewish.

These honorees are responsible for presenting the baby to the Sandak.  The mother hands the baby to the Kvatterin, an honored female, who brings the baby into the room and hands him off to the Kvatter, an honored male.  The Kvatter then places the baby in the arms of the Sandak.  Any family member or friend may be designated for this honor and do not necessarily need to be Jewish.  Traditionally, a couple who seeks to start a family would be asked to fulfill this role, as it was felt it enhances their fertility.

The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The baby is welcomed into the room, carried by the Kvatterin then passed to the Kvatter.  The baby is then placed on Elijah's chair briefly, and then given to the Sandak. The Sandak cradles and calms the baby during the ceremony, feeding him small amounts of wine.  Prayers and readings are given and the circumcision is performed.  The Kiddush is recited and then the baby naming starts. After the naming the priestly blessings are given and then ceremony is over.  The baby is given to the mother for feeding and comfort.

HaMotzi is recited and the ceremonial feast begins.

After the ceremony, care for the circumcision is explained and the baby is reexamined.